My Mission

Facilitate the emergence, the experience and the expression of Love and Gratitude through the sharing of my knowledge and experiences.

My Personal and

Professional journey

At the age of 18, interested and attracted by the field of natural health, I enrolled at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College from which I obtained my Doctor of Chiropractic diploma in May 1987. To my great surprise, I discovered a spiritual aspect in this profession which perfectly met my need for meaning. My experiences with my clients quickly confirmed the interdependence between the various dimensions of being and its impact on overall health.

Passionate about personal development and intrigued by this link between inner
well-being and health, I continued to seek more knowledge through various
programs and readings.

In 1993, a seminar led by Dr. John F. Demartini had a profound impact on my life.Inspired to share these valuable lessons with my clients, I immediately committed to becoming a Breakthrough seminar facilitator and received my accreditation, 18 months later, from the Concourse of Wisdom School of Healing and Philosophy  (now The Demartini Institute).

However, it was the years that followed that allowed me to deepen and fully integrate the principles that I took so much pleasure in transmitting. A burnout and its significant impacts in several areas of my life proved to be the perfect opportunity to truly put Dr. Demartini’s method to the test.

Inspired by the power of using the tools in my own experience, I then created programs a little more in my image. This is how several conferences and training courses were born.

Increasingly eager for spirituality, I continued my quest for understanding through a multitude of readings, training and spiritual practices from various traditions. A profound personal reflection during the Contemplative Theology and Spiritual Mentoring program at Saint Paul University in 2015-2016 finally allowed me to embrace my unique journey within which my experiences unify around the themes of unconditional Love and gratitude.

Finally, regardless of the formula borrowed, the essential part of my work now consists of sharing the principles, tools, methods and practices that allow me to recognize, with gratitude, the beauty and perfection of this Love constantly present and at work in ourselves, in others and at the heart of our greatest life challenges.

«Inner contentment is not about having what you want, but rather about wanting and appreciating what you have.»

– Dalai Lama

Tools and Methods


Although I have expanded my repertoire of tools over the years and my teachings are no longer limited to Dr. John F. Demartini’s methodology, his method and the principles behind it remain at the heart of my training programs.

Regardless of the exercises proposed, the approach remains essentially the same; it aims to favor the development of a welcoming and non-judgmental attitude as well as greater unconditional appreciation for oneself, for others and for life. Paradoxically, this is how major transformations take place in the reality of those who use the tools that I transmit.

FAQ – Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Dr. Demartini’s method


What does Dr. Dermatini’s method consist of?

The method I learned from Dr. Demartini was originally called The Quantum Collapse Process.

Since then, the process has evolved and it is now taught under the name The Demartini Method. In its development, it has become a bit more complex in my opinion. This is why I prefer to teach and support people with the original method, which I find easier to integrate, quicker to apply and just as effective.

The goal of the Collapse Process is to get the user to look beyond their limited perceptions of a person, of a situation, of an event or of themselves by balancing them. The Quantum Collapse is an exercise presented in the form of a questionnaire organized in ten columns. The questions are arranged in a specific order so as to reduce the influence of the ego, to stimulate awareness and finally facilitate the recognition of the wisdom inherent in all experience.

There are also other forms of Collapse : The Loss and Gain Collapse and Comparison Collapse which are derived from Quantum Collapse and are based on the same foundations. These two other exercises are also presented in column form and address respectively the losses and gains of life and the facilitation of choices.

What does the word Collapse mean?

The term collapse comes from quantum physics. It is a process by which two oppositely charged and complementary energy particles fuse together and emerge into new forms of energy.

This same process, when applied to human emotions (emotions with negative charges and emotions with positive charges), transforms those emotional energies into much higher frequency energies of Unconditional Love and Gratitude.

How is this method different from others?

The principles and universal laws on which the processes are based have been taught by sages, philosophers and spiritual teachers of many traditions for thousands of years. They will therefore not be new to many fans of personal development and self-mastery. Rather, it is in the ingenious way these principles are organized and applied that the Collapse stands out.

Among these principles and laws, we find:

  • The Mirror principle: “My perception of the external world is a reflection of my internal world, of myself. »
  • The Law of Balance: “All things exist in a state of balance: up and down, inside and out, hot and cold, fast and slow, strong and gentle, the interaction between opposites. » – Dan Millman, the life you were born to live
  • The Law of Action-Reaction: “What I resist persists”
  • Law of Conservation of Energy: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” – Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier

How is this method different from others?

Although it is recognized and used by psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists around the world, Dr. Demartini’s method is not considered therapy and is therefore accessible to everyone. This is why a variety of support workers choose to become certified in order to benefit their clients. Others, from various work environments, also choose certification in order to be able to incorporate certain facets of the method into their occupation or simply to integrate it more and make better personal use of it.

Finally, whether you opt for certification or not, one of the most attractive aspects of the technique is that it can be used on a regular basis easily and in an autonomous way. It makes accessible to everyone the possibility to make important realizations, to experience profound transformations, to personally progress and improve their relationship with others, with themselves and with something greater.

Is this the best method for me?

There are a multitude of personal development tools on the market, each as interesting and effective as the next. As there is a time for everything, there is also an exercise, a method, a book, a therapist or a caregiver of some kind for every situation. As much as a wide choice can be beneficial, it can also present challenges for the consumer. In the end, this is why I like to tell my clients to trust their intuition when it comes to choosing and committing to a particular approach.

Even if the questioning and transformation processes I propose in my conferences, trainings, and consultations are powerful, effective and quite rapid, it is still important to mention that they require a certain open-mindedness, a minimum investment in time and energy, not to mention a strong desire to take responsibility and work on oneself.

Finally, whatever formula you choose, the experience is for you to the degree that you are ready to actively engage in a process of self-discovery which will leave you more loving and grateful for yourself, for others and for life in general.

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