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“We suffer not from the events in our lives, but from our judgment about them. » – Epictetus

“ We really appreciated the quality of your presentation, which you were able to deliver in a bilingual manner. I would like to express my gratitude to you for your exceptional support of the Diversity and Well-being Directorate employee meeting. Your participation was very important for the smooth running and success of this event. »

Josée-Ann Paradis

Director of Diversity and Wellness, National Defense Headquarters

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I R.E.F.R.E.S.H my mindset and my environment

A powerful and memorable presentation which sparks realizations in the participants and inspire important transformations in less than an hour.

Duration: 45-90 minutes


This interactive presentation aims to contribute to improve and strengthen the culture of companies and organizations. Its experiential nature allows participants to discover and integrate, more or less in depth depending on the chosen duration of the presentation, seven essential points which contribute to the development and maintenance of a healthy, pleasant and rewarding work environment and on which everyone has power.

The Seven Points:

R – Responsibility. Reclaiming our power to transform situations by owning up to our own responsibility.

E – Equilibrium. It is always present, all we need is to recognize it. Then we can play with it!

F – Focus. It is to be used to attract what we want, not the opposite.

R – Resistance versus acceptance. No transformation is possible in resistance. What we resist persists.

E – Energy of choice. The motivational differences between “having to” and “choosing to”.

S Say thank you. The transformative power of appreciation and gratitude.

H – Honor yourself. The key to maintaining balance, preventing burnout and sustaining a high level of personal energy, productivity and performance.


“Such a short presentation, but it helped open my eyes. Superb presentation, very
relevant, interesting and enriching!!!”

Guerline Pierre, Nurse, Roger-Séguin Reception Center

“I recommend this presentation in all workplaces!”

S. Gauthier

“It opened my eyes to how I should function in my workplace and in my personal life”

Lyne-Marie Colin

Beyond my perceptions of loss and gain

A must for anyone interested in discovering how to quickly free themselves from all
perceptions of lack.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours 


Everything around us is constantly changing. Even our physical body, although we often want to forget it, reminds us that it is futile and sometimes even painful to want to cling to what once was.

With change often comes the perception of lack. We miss “what we lost” or even “what we wish to find” through change. What if this lack was only an illusion? An illusion perceived by our senses, preventing us from recognizing all the richness, beauty and perfection of the present moment!

This conference is an introduction to the Collapse of Loss and Gain, an extremely effective method which allows the users to raise their consciousness beyond their perceptions of lack and thus free themselves of the emotions attached to those perceptions.


“I just see life in a different way. Thank you France! »

“I have found that the law of conservation of energy can be summed up in one word: transformation. It opened my eyes to the losses and gains I experienced. Many thanks for this new opening of my mind. »

Paulette Morin

“It opened my eyes to another way of seeing the challenges of life. Thank you France. You taught me to enjoy my life more. »

Sylvie Guénette

“I will see life, difficult situations and relationships in a more positive and optimistic way. A big thank you! »

Nicole Dessureault

Relationship challenges: source of stress or blessings?

As William James famously said: “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can transform the outer aspects of their lives. »

Duration: 1.5-2 hours


We all know that it is futile to want to change others. Yet when we face challenges in our relationships, our first instinct is to wish that the other person would be different.

What would happen to our relationship challenges if we knew how to focus our efforts where we truly have power?

During this conference participants are offered a new way of perceiving others when facing relational difficulties. They are introduced to the principles on which the Quantum Collapse is based, a powerful process of perceptual transformations which allows us to recognize, very quickly, the wisdom hidden within our most difficult experiences and to seize the opportunities offered to us through our challenges.

This conference is greatly appreciated by all who wish to learn concrete ways to know and accept themselves better, and to work on the most important factor for transformation: themselves!


“ France was able to present us with very simple but very concrete tools to better cope with our difficult relationships. And who doesn’t experience one during their life? The feedback from employees has been very positive.  »

Sylvain Laflamme, Director General du BRAS (Regional AIDS Action Office)

“To better understand human relationships in half an hour is admirable. THANKS! »

Suzanne Whitmore, Health Care Aide

“This presentation allowed me to see others and things in a different way, in a different light. THANKS! »

Cerena Habbouche, Family Court Support Worker, Eastern Ottawa Resource Center

For presentations tailored to the specific needs of your organization. 

Training Courses


Educational Approach

Designed with the objective of teaching participants to use the Collapse processes
independently, they are invited to apply the exercises to concrete situations and experiences in their lives.


Openness, compassion, non-judgement and confidentiality are at the heart of the approach and facilitate profound transformations in a safe environment.

The Benefits

The experiential approach allows participants to:
-Better integrate the exercises;
-Benefit from the riches of group settings;
-Experience a transformation.


Beyond my perceptions of loss and gain

This training is especially appreciated by those who have experienced or are experiencing significant losses in their lives. It can be offered over several weeks or more intensively. 

Duration: 24 hours

Main Objective

The purpose of this training is to awaken the participants’ awareness of the immortal nature of energy. It allows them to realize that the essence of things is never lost but rather subject to transformations or “changes of forms” to better support us in our evolution. During this experiential training, participants are guided through Loss and Gain Collapse, a tool for perceptual transformations and personal growth created by Dr. John F. Demartini.

Participants are first introduced to the Law of Conservation of Energy and the Law of Balance, universal laws on which the Collapse of Loss and Gain is based. By applying it to personal losses, they then experience this powerful tool which allows them to discover how the essence of what is dear to them has not been lost but is offered in forms more relevant to their current reality. Guided in the process, participants are led to integrate the Loss and Gain Collapse so that they can reuse it each time they face a situation of loss or gain and want to balance their emotions about this change.

The Beyond My Perceptions of Loss and Gain training is aimed at all those who wish to acquire the ability to free themselves from all their perceptions of “lack” and who wish to recognize, with gratitude, the beneficial transformations that occur in their lives.

Specific Objectives
  1. Understand the law of Conservation of Energy and its application to our reality.
  2. Understand the law of Balance and its application to our thoughts, perceptions and emotions, especially as they relate to our perceptions of loss and gain.
  3. Identify personal losses that have been difficult to overcome.
  4. Identify the personal gains that are most coveted.
  5. Learn how to use Loss and Gain Collapse.
  6. Balance perceptions of lack linked to a personal loss as well as a situation of unattained objective or desire. ses perceptions de manque en lien avec une perte personnelle et un manque à gagner.
  7. Replace the energy of negatively charged emotions with the calming energies of Acceptance and Gratitude.

The total duration of this training program is 24 hours. It can be offered over several weeks (8) or more intensively. Participants are invited to work, in a concrete and practical way, using real situations from their personal life experiences.


  “ Allow me to personally thank you for your collaboration with the Association of People Living with Chronic Pain (APVDC). I would like to emphasize the great satisfaction of our members and especially their desire to progress thanks to your workshops. Through your know-how, your determination, your availability and your experience, you have contributed to fueling the progress and reflection of our members. »

Christian Picard, Director APVDC

“Thank you France for these tools which allowed me to refocus on myself. I allowed myself to be in a position of “client” rather than in the role of caregiver (as my job requires) and in this position of “client” I felt safe and in good hands with your abilities as a teacher and guide. THANKS. Thank you for being the spiritual guide that you are. »

Lou Ida Gauthier, M. Ed, T.S

“This workshop allowed me to participate in a very enriching group experience. It helped me change my perceptions of situations that were difficult to experience and deal with emotionally. Additionally, I can use this new tool in my meetings with clients who are dealing with many losses. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is experiencing loss and hardship. »

Denise Bisson, Speaker, Outaouais Neurotrauma Association

Heal and Grow

This training responds particularly well to the expectations of those who wish to improve their relationships with themselves, with others and with life in general. This training can be offered over several weeks or more intensively.

Duration: 30 hours

Main Objective

 The goal of this training program is to introduce participants to the process of Quantum Collapse, thereby awakening their awareness to the blessings that have arisen from certain difficult events in their lives. Participants are guided through the Quantum Collapse, this powerful process of personal transformation
created by Dr. John F. Demartini, recognized worldwide as a specialist and expert in the field of human behavior.

Participants are first introduced to the Law of Balance and the Mirror Principle, the universal law and principle on which the Quantum Collapse process is based. They then experience the methodology that will allow them to balance their perceptions and free themselves from several emotional burdens, past or present (guilt, fears, regrets, resentments, anger, sorrows, etc.).

Guided in this experiential approach, participants are led to integrate the Quantum Collapse process so as to be able to reuse it independently. Thus equipped to better recognize and take full advantage of the opportunities and benefits hidden within the various challenges they may encounter later, they will find themselves much more resilient and able to quickly regain a certain state of calm and of peace.

This training is aimed at all those who wish to learn to see with the eyes of the heart and to grow their experience of unconditional Love and Gratitude for themselves, for others and for life.

Specific Objectives
  1. Understand the law of Balance and its application to our thoughts, perceptions and emotions.
  2. Become familiar with the Mirror principle and learn how to apply it.
  3. Free oneself from many of the “personas” with which one identifies and  integrate some parts of the “shadow self”.
  4. Experience the Quantum Collapse process.
  5.  Balance one’s perceptions in relation to a person or event, past or present, towards which one feels a great emotional charge.
  6. Recognize, in a concrete way, the benefits and gifts received from some the trials experienced.
  7. Replacing the energy of negatively charged emotions with the transformative energy of unconditional Love and Gratitude.
  8. Integrate the ten steps of the Quantum Collapse process so that it can be reuse as an everyday tool..

Heal and Grow is a training course lasting a total of 30 hours. It can be offered over several weeks (10) or more intensively. Participants are invited to work, in a concrete way, using real situations from their life experiences.


“A simultaneous experience of healing and compassion towards myself and others. Having tasted several tools and approaches in personal development, the Collapse is the most powerful. »

Lisa Leblanc, Mental Health Promotion Advisor, CAP Santé Outaouais

“I enjoyed being able to do the exercise. I am surprised at the power and speed in which it can be accomplished. I can’t wait to see our staff use it too! »

Chantal Cadieux, Program Manager, Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre

“Wow! I arrived sad and melancholic. Wow! What beauty in my heart! This training brought me softness and joy within. »

Anne Thibodeau, Teacher

I accept myself. I love myself. I am.

This practical and unique training program delights those engaged in their personal development journey, who are eager for discoveries and who are ready to say yes to transformation and the elevation of consciousness. This training is offered over 12 weeks and requires having previously taken the Beyond My Perceptions of Loss and Gain and Healing and Growing training courses.

Duration: 36 hours

Main objective

  The main objective of this training course is to support participants in a profound process of self-discovery and appreciation, leading to a better understand of the Self.

This unique experiential approach with remarkable transformative power is based, in part, on the personal development processes developed by Dr. John F. Demartini. For this reason, interested parties must have previously participated in the Beyond My Perceptions of Loss and Gain and Heal and Grow training courses or have experienced Quantum Collapse and Loss and Gain Collapse in individual consultation with France.

First, participants are invited to familiarize themselves with the concepts of the EGO versus the true SELF. They are then guided, through various methodologies and exercises offered throughout the training, to recognize the presence of the EGO, to better welcome it, understand it and thus reduce its influence. Using Dr. Demartini’s methods previously integrated and now applied more specifically to identity, participants are supported in the profound process of breaking free from some of the most limiting aspects of their EGO.

This training is intended for individuals who have previously experienced the Quantum Collapse and Collapse of loss and gain and wish to take their introspection further and journey towards a better understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the Self.

Specific Objectives
  1. Become familiar with the concepts of the EGO versus the SELF;
  2. Discover and integrate EGO observation practices;
  3. Review the principles of Quantum Collapse;
  4. “Collapse” two of one’s personality traits that are the most limiting;
  5. Review the principles of Loss and Gain Collapse; 
  6. Recognize within oneself, using the Collapse of Loss and Gain, the identity trait that one’s believes needing the most;
  7. Identify the greatest fear that threatens one’s identity and uncover the desire it reveals. Discredit the limiting belief that maintains this fear and establish a new affirmation to nourish the desire;
  8. Express and receive recognition, appreciation and love.

This training program is offered over 12 weeks for a total duration of 36 hours. Participants are invited to work, in a concrete way, using real situations from their daily life.


“A magnificent experience of purification and absolute openness. A certainty that everything is right, a great quality of presence towards myself, a quality of fairness and temperance, a love of myself which increases with time. Automatic mechanisms to clarify a situation very quickly and not only see the side that keeps me a victim and makes me believe that I am right. A new freedom, independence, autonomy, an ability to see higher and further with great lucidity. This is what I learned from this training! »

Judith Ducrocq, Physiotherapist and emotional liberation practitioner

“This training greatly helped me to know myself better and to understand some of my reactions to situations that are normally more conflictual. It also allowed me to better accept and welcome the reactions and behaviors of the people around me. I really feel like I am more at peace with myself and those close to me. »

Paule McNicoll, CPA, CA 

“I was able to know myself better, appreciate myself more and be happier. I feel lighter. Thank you France. »

Louise Bédard, Rentiere

“I revealed old wounds and freed myself from several emotional burdens that unconsciously hindered my joy of life. I am so proud and I express a lot of gratitude for having invested in this training. »

Mariette Lecours, Entrepreneure

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« Light is not something you can necessarily see. It’s something that allows you to see other things. »

Rev. Dr. Barbara Holmes

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