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« If the only prayer you said in your life was THANK YOU, that would be enough. »

– Meister Eckhart

Why choose gratitude?


Because our refusal to experience the “unpleasant” perpetuates it.


Because our resistance to our “pain and misfortunes” unconsciously feeds and maintains them.


Because approaches that facilitate the acceptance of suffering allow for more lasting transformations than those aimed at eliminating it.


Because Gratitude and universal and unconditional Love are of the highest forms of complete acceptance that exist.

Your options for a journey with me

Program of 3 training courses in one year

I dare to say YES to the unknown, to transformation and to change!

An unequaled opportunity to be accompanied and supported on a unique personal discovery and journey to become more serene, peaceful, loving and grateful for yourself, for others and for your life.


90 hours of live training combining theoretical learning, observation and practical application to facilitate profound transformations and the integration of the methods.


Access to the recordings of individual consultations as well as two group sessions per training in the event of absence.


Group and individual support in processes and exercises.


Comprehensive educational support including three training workbooks, PDF versions of the PowerPoints and a Collapse integration workbook including twelve weeks of daily exercises.


“I have come out of this three-part training program strengthened. It allowed me to make peace with decisions made several years ago… I saw and felt that these challenging times allowed me to get closer to my true potential, my true values ​​and to a power greater than myself. I gave myself the chance to be born internally and to grow my inner flame according to principles that I chose. For all of this, I am overflowing with gratitude.”

Mariette Lecours, Artist Entrepreneur 

Private consultations

You are not particularly comfortable in a group setting and prefer to be accompanied in a private consultation? It is possible to do it in person at my office or virtually.

It is important that you know that what I am offering is not conventional therapy.

The objective of individual private sessions is to provide you with methods, tools and practices that will help you better navigate your challenges. You will learn how to change your level of consciousness so you can better keep your balance in the storm.

To know about payment options and to make an appointment


“Meetings with France, whether during her conferences or during intensive sessions on Collapse, helped me to see clearly, to see reality as it is, with its positive and negative points. Above all, these meetings helped me recognize my responsibility in the events. The real gift was being able to understand and feel that even the most difficult trials in life bring benefits and allow me to grow. These achievements are now useful to me in all facets of my life, with my family, my children, my friends and at work.

I recommend the sessions with France to anyone who wants to improve themselves, take control of their own power and destiny as well as understand how the difficulties of life can serve us. »

Lucie Savard

Collapse Integration Workbook

Designed for clients who have already been introduced to the Quantum Collapse and Loss and Gain Collapse.

Twelve weeks of daily exercises to facilitate the integration of the Collapse process and establish a regular practice of gratitude for oneself, for others and for life.

*Currently available in french only


Conferences and trainings through an organization

Are you a member or a client of an organization that offers conferences and workshops?

You can advise them to check out my services or talk to them about a conference or training that interests you.

Don’t waste time, sign up to receive the free webinar!

*Currently available in french only


Coming Soon!

A book born from an inspiration to transmit to an 11 years old boy, the principles which allowed me to live my most beautiful life.

NEW: Mathieu – My greatest treasures in three volumes

Volume 1: 10 keys to help you transform your dreams into reality

Volume 2: 5 keys to getting through hardships and use them to grow 

Volume 3: 5 keys to live in better harmony with yourself and others 

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