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One of the greatest gifts that life has given me is to have been introduced to tools that allowed me to quickly recognize the presence of light and Love in my darkest moments.

It is with humility and all my love that I transmit today, through various products and services, these tools and methodologies which have transformed my life.

I consider myself privileged to do this wonderful work and I thank you in advance for your trust.

«Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives»

– William James

My Services

To Individuals

Are you experiencing a big challenge in a relationship with someone, or with yourself?

Are you experiencing exhaustion or experiencing significant health difficulties?

Are you having trouble overcoming a loss or is a past experience catching up with you and you can’t free yourself from it?

If you are looking for ways to transform your reality from within, I can help you by sharing my best tools with you! 

To Organisations

Are you looking for a speaker to inspire your members, your customers, or your team?

Do you want to offer a presentation that is out of the ordinary, offering your participants a new perspective on their life challenges? Maybe even initiate major changes in their attitude in a matter of hours?

Would you prefer to offer a workshop or training where participants will be able to experience, in a concrete and practical manner, the proposed methods and facilitate deeper transformations?

Free Webinar:


The importance of having tools that facilitate a welcoming attitude in the face of challenges

Why the methods I use and teach are so powerful and effective

How is it possible to transform your reality, even the most painful, in just a few hours.

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Using the method to discover new perceptions is really powerful and has allowed me to welcome what is there and recognize the benefits in my life. A superb, very powerful and very lively personal growth tool. THANKS!

Denise Pelletier

A simultaneous experience of healing and compassion towards myself and others. Having tasted several tools and approaches in personal development, the Collapse is the most powerful.

Lisa Leblanc

Mental health promotion advisor

My team and I regularly participate in different trainings and few of these activities meet all our requirements, whether it is from the point of view of content oriented towards well-being or the methodology, the educational approach and the interpersonal skills of the trainer. However, I believe, and the participants support this assertion, that your workshop is of exceptional quality and it met all our expectations. I sincerely hope that other people and walks of life will have the chance to benefit from your know-how and wish you all the best.

Monique Pellerin

Director, Cap Santé Outaouais

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