Would you like to get to a point where difficult situations and external circumstances of your life no longer throw you off balance?

Come discover how to find peace and inner stability even in times of great challenges.

Total value $2710

Only 1797$ when you register before December 15, 2024 

To know how to find that inner balance where a sense of calm, trust and true happiness exist at all times

Do you sometimes feel like you are fighting a losing battle, whether collectively or personally, because of all the chaos we face today?

We try our best to “change” things but as challenges seem to accumulate, we can reach our limit. Discouragement, even despair, can easily take hold of us.

If you are tired of seeking your well-being in the external circumstances of your life and if you are ready to invest your efforts where you really have power, i.e. your inner life, this journey is for you!

I dare to say YES to the unknown, to transformation and to change!

Profound learning and introspective journey offered through 3 consecutive training courses over a year

Seize this incredible opportunity to make 2025 a year of real personal transformation by learning to let go the aspects of yourself that unconsciously keep you prisoner of your current reality and that prevent you from enjoying peace, joy and the freedom of the present moment.

This unique program of three live online training courses is designed to facilitate profound transformative experiences. It offers you the ideal structure to fully understand, practice and integrate all the methods and tools that will be taught. You will have the privilege of being personally guided in several exercises, methods and processes to effectively free yourself from certain elements that are presently obstacles to your true happiness.

$2297$ $1797$ with deposit of $200 before December 15, 2024

What awaits you if you choose to invest in this amazing adventure

As soon as your registration form and deposit are received, your place will be reserved in the group of your choice. Then, you will receive an email in which you’ll find all the information and documents that will allow you to prepare for the first training that will start at the beginning of February 2025. The training workbooks and other educational materials will be sent to you a few weeks before the start of each training course so you have enough time to print them.

By choosing to devote as little as 3 hours a week for a total of 30 weeks over the coming year, 2025 could offer you the monumental gift of a totally renewed version of yourself ; a lighter, more peaceful and serene version, a more loving and grateful you!

A unique chance to grow

You will learn and be guided through concrete exercises, methods and processes so you can let go of what burdens your reality. You will release several unbalanced perceptions linked to past, present or future experiences which are sources of stress, fears, guilt or resentments.

    The privilege of be supported

    The personal guidance you will receive whether within the group sessions or in private with me, the recordings, the sharing of experiences, the educational materials and the relationships that will be formed during the year will offer you the wide range of support necessary to facilitate the emergence of a new version of yourself.

      A structure facilitating self-fulfillment

      The three distinct, successive and complementary training courses will offer you a unique chance to develop more understanding, acceptance and appreciation for yourself and others, as well as a greater sense of inner peace and natural trust in life.

        The grace of time

            The continuousness in the design of this year long program, which promotes the assimilation of concepts, experimentation and continued practice, will allow you to better integrate the tools into your daily life and therefore considerably develop your ability to face future life challenges.

        What people are saying about the program!

        Already knowing France’s approach, I was certain that the program would benefit me. Indeed, I have come out of this three-part program strengthened. It allowed me to make peace with decisions made several years ago when my life took an unexpected turn where I felt less aligned with traditional North American values. I saw and felt that these challenging times allowed me to get closer to my true potential, my true values ​​and to a power greater than myself. I gave myself the chance to be born internally and to grow my inner flame according to principles that I chose. For all of this, I am overflowing with gratitude. »

        Mariette Lecours, Artist Entrepreneur

        I learned to appreciate the present moment, to observe myself on a physical, emotional and mental level. It gave me the motivation and courage to write to those I love and tell them why I love them. I learned to be more vulnerable, to feel and communicate how I feel and what I think. To declutter my mind. Everyone should take this course. This is an amazing program! »

        Carole Latreille, Accountant

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        This program valued at $2710 includes:


        The following three training courses:

        • “Beyond my perceptions of loss and gain”;
        •  “Heal and Grow”;
        • “I accept myself. I love myself. I AM » ;

        Total of 90 hours of live group training and 3 hours of private consultations;


        Support and guidance in the processes and experiences of:

        • The Collapse of Loss and Gain;
        • The Quantum Collapse;
        • The Emotional Integration Method;
        • Many other personal growth exercises;

        Electronic copies of the 3 courses’ workbooks as well as the PDFs of the 3 PowerPoints used in the training courses;


        An electronic copy of the Collapse Integration Workbook ;


        Access to recordings of two meetings per training in the event of unavoidable absence and access to recordings of individual consultations;


        An unforgettable journey of personal and group transformation.

        “A magnificent experience of purification and absolute openness. A certainty that everything is perfect just as it is, a great quality of presence towards myself, a quality of fairness and temperance, a love for myself which increases with time. Automatic mechanisms to clarify a situation very quickly and not only see the side that keeps me a victim and makes me believe that I am right. A new freedom, independence, autonomy, an ability to see higher and further with great lucidity. This is what I learned from this training! »

        Judith Ducrocq, Physiotherapist

        $2297$ $1797$ with deposit of $200 before December 15, 2025

        The program in detail:

        First Training Course

        “Beyond my perceptions of loss and gain”

        24 hours of live teaching and guidance with me in order to:


        Identify the “big missing pieces” in your life that persistently make you suffer and break free from them using the Collapse of Loss and Gain ;


        Benefit from my presence to be personally guided in your experience of the Collapse of loss and gain, to confront a very difficult subject and to overcome the resistance which could potentially prevent you from completing your Collapse on your own;


        Benefit from the ability to ask questions, facilitate your understanding of the universal laws underlying the Collapse and help with your integration of the process so you can use it independently;


        Gain from the sharing experiences, the support and the encouragement of a group of people committed, like you, to their wellness journey;

        I am more present to myself. My “here and now” has even more value… The time to breathe, to focus, the time to take the time without feeling rushed… Thank you, France, for helping me to know and recognize myself better.

        Hélène Thibault

        Value: $550

        Second Training Course

        “Heal and Grow”

        30 hours of classes in which you will receive lessons and be guided through a profound journey of self-discovery in order to:


        Know yourself better, understand your emotions and reactions, forgive and appreciate yourself;


        Increase your ability to calmly manage conflicts and relational challenges with more kindness for yourself and for others;


        Equip yourself to better face life's various challenges, keep your balance and be in action rather than reaction;


        Increase your ability to experience more moments of Love, Gratitude and profound Happiness on a daily basis.

        “This training allowed me to free myself from hatred towards certain people. I know that this hatred prevented me from moving forward. I judge myself less harshly and I am more serene towards life’s challenges. »

        Cathy Turpin, Security Officer

        Value: $680

        Third Training Course

        “I accept myself. I love myself. I AM”

        An inner journey and an opportunity for serious self-exploration over a 12 weeks period to:


        Know how to discern and welcome the EGO in you, better understand its operating mechanisms and mitigate its influence;


        Detect some of your attachments that cause you physical, emotional and/or mental pain, know how to observe them and free yourself from them;


        Further develop your ability to recognize and appreciate yourself as you are and to do the same for others;


        Facilitate the discovery of the unalterable and infinite Source of Peace, Love, Joy and Creativity that You Are;

        This great inner journey invites me to meet HIM every day, to continue to free myself and each liberation strengthens my trust, raises my level of Consciousness and opens a space, ready to welcome another vibration, a birth to the New, a momentum into the unknown. »

        Judith Ducrocq, Physiotherapist and emotional liberation practitioner

        Value: $825


        A total of three hours of private consultations with access to recordings, which can be used at any time during the year to go further in certain exercises.

        Value : $405 


        An electronic copy of the Daily Collapse Integration Workbook.

        Value : $25 


        Access to two recorded sessions per training in case of unavoidable absence.

        Value : $225 


        An experience of learning, growth, sharing and a unique journey, with people that Life has carefully brought together to facilitate the expansion of their consciousness.

        Value : Priceless 

        Total Value de $2710

        Preferential rate $1797 before December 15, 2025

        This is what people are saying about France

        “The support from France is just sublime, generous, at the top level and propels you where you have never been. A fairy! »

        Judith Durocq, Physiotherapist

        “Thank you, thank you, thank you very much France. If you knew how by sharing your knowledge, you changed my life. Thanks again!! »

        Mélanie Lebeau, Administrative Assistant

        About the Trainer,

        France Pérodeau


        Dr of chiropractic by profession and graduate of Saint Paul University
        in contemplative theology and spiritual mentoring in 2016, France Pérodeau has been a speaker, trainer and consultant in personal development for 30 years. She has developed a particular interest and expertise in teaching Dr. Demartini’s tools since receiving her accreditation in 1994.

        Having herself face major life challenges and knowing the power of the tools to help rise above them, she has committed herself to sharing these tools with all who wish to quickly recognize the beauty and light present in their most difficult moments and grow from them.

        I dare to say YES to the unknown, to transformation and to change!

        2025 Cohorts

        Tuesday group (in English)

        6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST


        “Beyond my perceptions of losses and gains”
        from February 4 to March 25, 2025


        “Heal and Grow”
        from April 22 to June 24, 2025


        “I accept myself. I love myself. I AM”
        from September 9 to November 25, 2025

        Wednesday group (in French)

        13 h à 16 h EST


        “Beyond my perceptions of losses and gains”
        from February 4 to March 25, 2025


        “Heal and Grow”
        from April 22 to June 24, 2025


        “I accept myself. I love myself. I AM”
        from September 10 to November 26, 2025